Saturday , January 28 2023

Shiv has targeted some Muslims in controlling Senai


Udhhhh Tacherey's scribe has approved the speech of the prime minister on the Independence Day in his editorial office.


One part of the Muslim community "does not understand the importance of persuading the people," BJP ally, Shiv Sena, said on Friday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day "family planning is a real patriotism."

In the editorial of the Saamna newspaper, Shiv Sena backed Prime Minister Moadi's demand for control of the people. However, the party in that article states: "Fundamentalist Muslims are not disturbed by the explosions of the people and are not prepared to think of" hum and gumarche punchis "(we are both of us, 25 children).

On Thursday, Prime Minister Modi said in his address to the nation on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence: "There is a great discussion and awareness of the people's explosion." "Many people have a healthy section that can stop thinking before they give birth to a baby, can they give the child fairness, and can give him everything he wants. They are worthy of honor. What they are doing is the act. patriotism We learn from them, "he said in a 92-minute speech.

Shiva Sen's leader, Sanjia Raut, welcomed the speech Friday: "The NDA government at the premier Modi supports the party's policy."

"The founder of Shiv Sen, Bal Thakerai, always supported the need to control the people," he added.

In the editorial office, the party also said that Prime Minister Modi "resolves the problem of popu- lation, and implements a single nation-wide" constitution. "

The leader of the Congress, P. Chida Baram, also received the Prime Minister's speech on the Independence Day. "We welcome all three messages of the Prime Minister on the first day. A small family should be a patriotic duty, respect for wealth builders and avoid single-use plastic, "he said in several Twitter.

However, chief of AIMIM Assadduin Oviesi opposed Prime Minister Modi's words that the prime minister "comes with abolished and intriguing ideas of management that reduces his responsibility."

"Most of India is young and productive, but this privilege goes on until 2040. @PMOIndia is uncertain about how to use this privilege, so he offers the abandoned and intuitive ideas of management that override his responsibility, "he wrote on Twitter on Thursday after Prime Minister Modi's report.

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