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Telangana Congress campaign to help unemployed youth


Author: Sreenivas Janyala
| Hyderabad

Publication date: 18 November 2018 3:08:31

A special machine was launched to establish contacts with about 30 unemployed young people in the country, Utam Kumar Reddy

Congressman Telmana Pradesh, Chairman of the Congress Committee Namanda Utam Kumar Reddi, said on Saturday that the majority of unemployed youths in Telangana are unemployed. He nominated his candidacy on election day from the Huzernagar Assembly. A special machine was launched to establish contacts with about 30 unemployed young people in the country and vote for Congress to overcome them.

The unemployment scandal in Telangana is very worrying, and the TPC Congress staff has launched a separate campaign for unemployed youth, working online and offline. "In our manifest, we have promised promising jobs in public and private sectors. We also pay about 3,000 unemployment benefits to all unemployed youth. We want to convey this message through the campaign aimed at unemployed youth, "he said. Congress motto: "If you need a job or an unemployment benefit, contact the Congress Party".

At the initial stage, last September, the Congress reached at least 10 young adults. "In Telgan, 19-year-old teenagers were registered by Commission of public utility services of Telangana, but only 11 629 messages were filled. The third place among India's Telangana graduates is unemployment. Prime Minister K. Chandrasheh Rao promised to fill in 1.1 vacancies in the government in 2014, while the TCSSC has issued messages for 33.2 thousand posts in the last four years and only 11.629 have been filled. We try to focus on all unemployed youth and assure them that Congress will take care of them, "Reddi said.

According to him, as of September 11, about 10 candidates applied to 700 employees of the rural budget, as they are ready for work. "Many students and young people were able to access the individual during the Telghan movement and to help others. However, dreams and aspirations will not succeed, "he said.
Reddy asked why the party had joined his rival TDP, Reddi: "The Congress, TDP, FTA and CPI have created Prakashuthamy to stop the dictatorship and corruption of the family of the PRC. The People's Front will fulfill the aspirations of the people of Telangana by implementing the general agenda. "

All four parties are part of the next government, Reddi said. The government of Pragakutami provides a responsible and transparent provision.

"The general agenda will be religious. It is supervised by a committee headed by TJS President K. Koddanaram. The official status of the Committee will be its chairman, "he said.

Cong will print the third list, TJS will name it 4 nominees

The congress announced on Saturday the third list of 13 candidates. The former president of the TPC, formerly known as Pontal Laxshmaia, was the son of Marc Chenna Reddy, a former deputy chairman of NDMA, Maria Sasidhar Reddy. Lakshmaiah Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) was nominated in the Jangaon Assembly electoral district. When his name was not included in the previous lists, Lakshmie went to New Delhi and was deeply dissatisfied.

The Congress is complaining about 94 out of 119, while others go to Telangana TDP, CPI and TJS. The Sunnatagar place in Hyderabad, which is divided into Sunshine Reddi, has been submitted to the TDP provided to K Venkatesh Goud.

On Saturday, TJS announced four candidates – Capilavai Dilep Kumar (Maldagari in Hyderabad), Yandarhan Reddy (Edit), Chindam Raj Kumar (Dubbak) and Bhavani Reddy. It is expected that the party will have eight seats in the alliance.

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