Saturday , January 22 2022

The benefit of the Indian bank depends on the provisions


The Indian Bank notes that the net income for the quarter ended September 30 was 66.75%, which was a high increase in provisions, a sharp decline in sales revenue, lower market costs, and decline in write-offs. The Bank has announced a net profit of 451.54 tenge for the same period last year. Total income increased by 5.23% and reached 5,129.17.

Net interest income increased by 12,13% to 1,730.93 and net interest margin increased by 12 basis points to 2.97%. Total reserves increased by 12.65% to 1,041 tonnes. Revenue from investment sales decreased from ₹ 262.22 to 4.96, while revaluation in off-balance accounts increased from 66.6 to 29.

Total non-performing assets (NPL) increased from 6.67% to 7.16% a year ago, while the Net NPL increased from 4.23% to 3.41%. Reserve security of the Bank decreased from 65.4% to 60.82%. The new peaks of 1625 sediments were added to the NBA load, infrastructure and road construction projects.

On September 21, Padmaa Chundurie, MD and CEO of the bank, said, "These are difficult times." According to the National Tribunal Act (NCLT) for 1-2 accounts, [under the insolvency process]in the end.

Pending reconstruction

He said that the bank hopes to close around 250 rubles in December and about 600 at the end of March on these accounts, but this process can be delayed, he added, and added that the bank had not been credited with NCLT credit accounts.

The bank plans to revive the recovery process to increase recovery and renewal among accounts. He said: "I manage a corporate credit bureau, which is directed to the NB. Assets will be held once a week or every two weeks. There is nothing that can not be achieved accidentally. Purpose – to keep slippery.

In his opinion, the bank's participation in the prestigious IL & FS group was 1,809 kroons, of which two shares were converted into NPD.

One of them was fully provided, and the second – "showed the skating this quarter," wrote Mrs. Shundaur.

In the case of liquidity reduction among non-bank financial companies, the bank's loans to the NBKB increased from 8.55% to 12.4% of total advance payments. "We do not see problems with the NBK. The quality of our portfolio remains healthy. «

The capital adequacy of the Bank amounted to 12.73% at the end of September, compared to 31.16% in the previous year. "If you take into account the emergence of profit and second-tier banks, the bank has recently raised the capital adequacy ratio of 13.24%," he said.

Advances to retail, agricultural and MSM segments increased by 24.6%, and the segment was about 58.8% of total funds. Deposits in current and savings accounts increased by 7.29%, and time deposits grew by 12.37%.

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