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The Karnataka Attack Justifies the Anti-Demon Wave: Before Kumaraswami Shandrababu Nadi, Meet Stalin | News from India


Four of the five places in Karnataka have shown that the BJP's disappearance is a mood for the NDA, and Prime Minister Andhra Pradesh, N Chandraabu Naydi, met with his Karnataka colleague, HD Kumaraswamy, and other senior officials Tuesday, as part of his efforts to mobilize opposition forces against Narendra Modi.

"As a result of the ballot boxes in Belgium, the BJP route routinely pervades public spots and streams against the HRA in the center of the country. This ruling coalition was quickly expelled from citizens, which may appear on the BJP slide in Karnataka for half a month after the state session, "said Chandraababu Nadiu at the party's Coordinating Committee meeting. TDO office has been released.

According to a source at the Prime Minister's office, Naidu will be Ghumaraswami and his father, HD Deve Gowda, former prime minister and JD (S), in Benghaluru on November 9.

The same day Andhraan will meet Chennai and meet with the head of the WMC and the leader of the Tamil Nadu opposition party, Stalin.

Meetings begin with the achievements of the JDS-Congress Coalition in five constituencies in Karnataka and give an impetus to the NDA's alternative front, said TDP spokeswoman, Manikya Varaprasad.

The Congress-Jeanette Alliance (secular) alliance won two seats in the three seats in Lok Sabha and the seats of the elite elections held in the second half of the election.

Sources of information Naydo has similar visits to West Bengal and Kerala with Prime Minister Mamata Benerji and Pinarai Wijayan.

Naydu in a symbolic move decides to make Diva's decision to stop the NIA fault in the true spirit of the country.

"The real diva for the country is the day of the WHO stoppage of corruption," he told his Dvali lady. "A brilliant look in the eyes of people is a real Diva," he said.

During his two-day visit to Delhi during the past two weeks, the TDP leader, Rahul Gandhi, Wahatha-Pradesh Samujadani Party (SP) Mahajati, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Moulaam Singh and Achilles Yadov, claimed that the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) of the Maharashtra , The National Conference of Jammu and Kashmir, Farouk Abdullah, Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kezhrival and APP, as well as the meeting of Loc Tantric from Bihar Janata Dalad with Sharad Yadov.

TDP sources have said that Naidu is able to make a front-to-sweep plan after completing the first round of interaction with several US statesmen.

Published first: Nov 07, 2018 12:48 IST

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