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Ahi's sister, Fabius, hopes that she will be different from Basyou when she sees the results of the film A Coke.


TRIBUNJABAR.ID – Adiik Akhok, Frifi Lati Thaaji Purma was pleased with the result of the film "A coke".

On the other hand, Achok's other sister, Bazuri Thaaja Purma, was emotionally bewildered when she called the "Achok".

Through Instagram Fifi Lety Tjahaja poured out the unsatisfied expectations of the film "Ahok".

Fiefe Letta Thaaja Purma noted that my father's hero Kim Nam was different from a real figure.

FIFTY LETTA TAHAA believes that the characters of the movie, adapted to the reality, should be thoroughly explored as it is played.

In addition, Ahok's younger brother was associated with the process called "A" in English called "Achok".

Due to the intervention of Ahio, Fifi recognized Lety Tjahaja Purnama that the whole scene did not fit into their trim.

Here is the personal assessment of Ahok's younger brother, Fifi Lety Tjahaja Purnama Instagram, as well as downloading videos from Ahok's Youtube.

«For those who do not want to know the truth, see this youtube and read the book Ahok.

After all, why do we make a decision if I make a book, and if you really are truthful, and if you actually make a story based on arguments? But after the movie …

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