Friday , October 7 2022

Ahmad Dhani's police have suggested iPhone's case of Idiot-VIVA cases


VIVA – Accusation of the accused in internal affairs vlog On November 12, 2018, he will go to the Special Criminal Investigation Office of the Regional Police in East Java. It provides a proof of the iPhone cell phone used to record self-help vlogging When things are happening.

Earlier, East Java Regional Cyber ​​Crime Ditreskrimsus, a police chief of the AKPP Harrisandy, was looking for a home in Jakarta. Investigations are planned to be completed by the prosecutor's office.

However, prior to the search, the head of the group of 19 Dewa arrived to meet with the investigator. Recommended iPhone enhancements are available. "That is, today's East Java regional police," said Dinky's lawyer Aldvin Rakhadyan. VIVA via mobile phone.

In addition to the evidence, he said he had confirmed that three of the three relative eyewitnesses of the arrival of Dani Al Dani to the East Java regional police confirmed that they were preparing for consultation. "On October 25, we sent a letter to the Director of Dieterskrimus through an expert witness testimony," Alvin said.

He admired the head of the AKBP Harrisondi Office for Cybercrime, who said that the application had expired. "In fact, we wrote about the names of the experts who we have presented on October 25, but why has the time been passed," Aldy said.

Although Dhanhi said "false", he was found guilty of slander and hate vlog He opposed the Majapahit hotel in East Java, Surabaya, with a demonstratcher who abandoned the Declaration of Presidency in the morning of August 26, 2018. Due to the friction, the Declaration of Tougeli Pahlavan was distributed by the police.

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