Sunday , August 7 2022

BMW 330i M Sport is now available in Western Java


BMW 330i M Sport. (Nur Hansa / Aiyobandong)

BUHBATU, AYBANDUNG.COM – One of the new series of BMW 3 Series, BMW 330i M Sport is currently available in Bandung and Western Java markets.

This was told by Rudi Anani, manager of the BMW Tunas Bandung branch car display this series will be available to potential buyers from BMW Tunas Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Bandung on Saturday (07.07.199).

"We did event hall for the latest BMW 7 Series. Now you do not have to go to Jakarta, and now it is in Bandung Dealer, "he said when he met BMW 330i M Sport.

Apart from the investigation car display, potential buyers can do test drive. However, as it has started today, stakeholders may refuse to meet with officers one-stop dealer .

The BMW 330i M Sport is equipped with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine and is capable of powering up to 258 horsepower at 400 Nm. This shows the increase of six Tk power from the previous version with the addition of 50Nm.

Fog lights with adaptive LED headlights, BMW Laserlight and BMW custom LED lights are available on the BMW 330i M Sport specifications. One of the representatives of BMW Tunas Bandung, Ryan, said that this technology can only be found on cars released by BMW.

"The laser light illuminates with high performance. When it's too dark, the light shines about 600 meters. When it crosses with other cars, the candles are temporarily recovered and then returned to the light, "he explained.

Additionally, another great feature of this car is the ability to adapt to the passage of a powerful driver adaptive mode and its updated aerodynamics.

According to Rudi, the estimated cost of the BMW 330i M Sport was at 1.1 billion rupees. However, this does not include the calculation of taxes on the price.

"It will be possible in November and December when ordering," he explained.

This car comes in three colors, namely white, blue and red.

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