Friday , February 3 2023

British scientists change the viral genes that can kill cancer cells


AKURAT.CO, Scientists Oxford University Development of genetically modified viruses to kill cancer cells. The used virus was named fibroblasts and the immune system to protect the cancer cells. The current care fibroblasts bone marrow and skin.

These studies were one of the first in this area fibroblasts in the tumor capable of real tumors. Professor of Oncology Department Kerry Fischer Oxford University it conducts research.

Even if the cancer cells are deep carcinoma killed, fibroblasts help protect the remaining cancer cells and restore them and develop them. Until now, cancer is prevented by the protection of cancer cells, fibroblasts "Can not do without endangering other body parts," writes Fisher Daily Daily (20/11).

and read:

"Our equipment is simultaneously directed fibroblasts you will be able to kill the immune system and normalize the immune system while you are killing cancer cells, "said Fischer.

Virus enadenotucirev is currently widely used in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer of the pancreas, intestine, lungs, breast, ovaries or prostatitis. Scientists have named these proteins biospheric T-cell cell virus. At the end of the protein, it is definitely aimed at it fibroblasts and the other end is specific T-cells, The type of immune cell responsible for killing the damaged cells.

Simultaneously connects two parts T-cell killing fibroblasts it has something to do with cancer cells.

«Immunotherapy "It develops as a new method of treating oncological diseases, which is the treatment of cancer cells and tissue transplants, and treats patients with cancer," says Dr. Nathan Richardson, a molecular and cellular Medical Research Council (MRC).

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