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Bumi Datar followers held an international conference


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Participants Smooth place again in Denver, USA, for the second time in the USA held the international conference "Flat Earth International 2018".

The conference, which was held on November 15-16, 2018, was also attended by reporters and writers. Along with the previous conference, this time it tries to show the unity of the Earth that science exists.

Participants in the conference took part in presentations and debates which show that the shape of the land is flat. According to the records Pathesh There were about 600 conference participants.

"Many people say that we are laughing and we think it's funny, and we think it's going to stop the world," says Robbi Davidson, founder and organizer of the "Flat Earth" international conference. Denver Post.

This conference was generally accepted by believers. About 80 percent of the total number of participants in the conference considers the Earth's surface to be flat.

The rest still exist in the weather, and they want to find evidence.

Until that time, flat-weders often have scientists who provide false information about the Earth and the Moon. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nay, Science Guy, Elon Musk, NASA, and the media facilitate their guilt. Smooth adolescents believe that there is no original picture about the shape of the Earth without the mass media processing.

"Never forget," said Rob Skiba, the renowned YouTube host on this conference. "We believe."

Apart from Skibba, some of the participants felt that they had left the conference. Until now, flat-footed followers have often been confused about the beliefs of their family and friends, and this time they feel relief and courage to convey that idea.

"I'm not ashamed," said one of Rik Hummer's associates.

The Bumi Datar conference was first held in November 2017. The conference was initiated by Krypto Media and the Creation Cosmology Institute, which also invited various Global Land Speakers. (kst / evn)

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