Wednesday , February 1 2023

China develops satellites to move rainy clouds


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chinese scientists plan to change weather using satellites to move the rainy cloud.

According to, 9 November 918, the ambitious project hoping officials will work for the next four years will replace vapors from the wet western region to the dry east.

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According to Chinese mass media, six satellites will create atmospheric corridors, which can cloud the same. This project is called "Tianhe", which means the sky.

According to YICA Global, the Shanghai Space Aerospace Academy hopes to work in 2022, but the first two satellites are to be in space two years ago.

China Jiang-2 space station.[Popular Mechanics]

Tyan-1 satellites can detect air and move to the northern region of Sanjzhjivan in Qinghai Province.

In the state media, small drops of thousands of kilometers are transported.

The models have been introduced to Zhouhai Airshow, with features of hi-tech aviation industry, and scientists believe that the "sky canal" can be developed for this work.

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Water vapor moves in a certain direction, changes in pressure and deposition.

Satellites carry water clouds to the western Indian Ocean, eastern Indian Ocean, Yunnan-Guizhou, China, and some parts of Central Asia.

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