Wednesday , December 8 2021

Cloud Problems and Perspectives in Indonesia – VIVA


VIVA – Clouds are expected to grow in Indonesia. Because in the future many people begin to think about creating a cloud-based application. Implementing the new technology will help Cloud to improve itself.

"New technologies like IOT (Internet stuff) and then Artificial intelligence, even though large data it attracts the cloud of scale. It's going to be faster with Cloud, "said IDR Indonesia's Chief Operating Officer Moir Mundra at the Innovation Forum in Jakarta on November 15, 2018.

According to Mevira, in 2017, there are many companies in Indonesia who began to care for the existence of the Cloud. In the future, those who use it will be evaluated for use, including the Hybrid Cloud public and personal At one time the cloud.

"It will be in the future many clouds. Because it will be used Cloud-based. Iot is present part of the cloud that is, supportfor example, "he said.

For the readiness of Indonesia to use Cloud, according to Mevira, players in the entertainment industry have not yet learned how to use it. There is a lot of difficulty skill its users.

Companies need to understand the benefits of cloud computing. While many IT talents still have infrastructure, they have not yet mastered the Cloud Management skills.

"Finally maturity"Cloud is one of the first of its kind," he said.

Cloud Storage Safety. According to Mevir, IT skills are still lacking, especially for security.

«Culture does not matter. Imagine that it can be opened at once. Psychology we still see enterprise himself, "Mevira said.

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