Saturday , January 28 2023

Dewi Persia & # 39; s rejection of the Nephew publisher, compact propaganda


After the clashes began in various media outlets, Dewi Perssik and her sister, Melissa, are in public eye. One of the reactions of the public to the elderly and infant's adventure was the appearance of online complaints online. The online petition refused to become an artist in the country because Meliphin had a bad influence on the generation of Saipul Jamil's former wife.

In addition, a petition is justified by any method of becoming an artist in the capital, despite the fact that it disturbs Madya news coverage in the capital. In fact, the public continued to make statements that caused Melanie's hatred during the conflict.

«The professional singer Dewi Perscik and her husband, Rose Mellanti. Roza Meldjanti (Mel), who justifies any means of becoming an artist, including Dewi Perschike, who has been harassed, slandered, and even incriminated with hate speech,«

«"THE PROPERTY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE" means Dewi Persicick (Dr. Meldy), who tried to bring Mel to the orbit, helped the Mel family, and met Mel's needs and family,, "Sunday" (11/11/2018), the content of the applications that received.

The complainant asks Meldi about what happens when she can become an artist and then imitates the younger generation. More than 18 600 people have signed up to this news. This number is very large and needs attention of leading artists in the country.

«IT WAS TELEVISION TO YOUR TELEVISION AND HOW TO ARTISTS. What happens if MELDY is an artist of Riviera and what if he turns into a TV set? Perhaps the younger generation will follow Melody's behavior. Moreover, Melanie's path is not good. To turn off all means of becoming an artist, he was incredulous, condemned, accused, "Continued the content of the application.

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