Saturday , January 28 2023

For the first time in Indonesia, BLACKPINK SICC


BOGOR, – The South Korean BLACKPINK girls' group met with the Centrum International Congress Center (SICC), Bogor, Western Java, Monday (19.11.1818).

This is the first experience of BLACKPINK in Indonesia.

At the scene appeared Lisa, Jisu, Jenny and Rosa, an audience enthusiast. "All right, all you want?" All bowed low.

Before using BLACKPINK, the program's owner, Anika Prattama and Denny Kagur, have officially declared that BLACKPINK was a Shape's brand ambassador.

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Then Lisa and her friends were ready to go to the stage.

"Anyway, this is your last" BLACKPINK opened its first look. Then he continued with the song Forever Young.

At the scene of the stage, spectators were playing luster an excess.

"Are everyone fun?" Asked Rosa.

The viewers were a little disappointed, as BLACKPINK will soon bring the final song "Ddu Du Ddu Du".

Nevertheless, Blink seems to be unwilling to give Indonesia a chance to testify.

Singing sang songs, continuing to sing songs luster they are.

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