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Prices of rice in the market when anomalies are expensive


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The Minister of Agriculture, Amren Sulaiman Bulog, together with Budi Vasseso, made an overview of the rice prices and prices at the Keramat Jati market, Thursday (11/08/2018).

It was then that the rice stock was so abundant. Agriculture Minister Tibintang has 50 thousand tons of food products.

"It's twice as usual, usually 20,000 tonnes, now up to 50,000 tonnes. Bulog reserves are 2.7 million tonnes, and it's harvested again in January," he said on Thursday (11.08.08).

However, large reserves do not control rice prices. Amran is called anomaly in the national rice sector.

"There is an abnormality today, and even twice as much the supply: the price has high traffic, anomalies that need to be lowered," he said.

That's what Buddy Vesedes, the director of Bulog, said. He also admitted that Bulog had abundant rice reserves.

"Bulog's rice reserves up to now 2.7 million tonnes. We have full reserves, with 2.7 million tonnes of Bulog storage, so we have a lot of resources," he said. Bavi Vasseso congratulated him.

According to him, "Bulog" operates on a daily basis, which is 15,000 tonnes per day for a stable price.

"Bulog problem – we have a lot of reserves, we say we do not need concern about rice deficiency because rice is expensive, it grows, and there is no reason to climb," he said.

According to data from the Strategic Information Center for Food Products, today the rice prices in the national average are 11 RP 11,700 / kg and II average – 11,600 / kg.

In addition, Buvas, established on the basis of the Minister of Trade Regulation 57 / M-DAG / PER / 8/2017, is the largest average retail price per rice (HET):
• Region I (Java, Lampung, South Sumatra, NTB, Sulawesi and Bali): Rp 9,450 / kg
• II zone (except Lumpun and South Sumatra, Sumatra, NTT and Kalimantan): IDR 9,950 / kg
• III zone (Maluku and Papua): 10,250 EDR / kg

"This rice grows and grows, as there is a lot in it, but there is a rise in prices, and later the food is controlled," Bavas said.

Chairman of the National Food Safety Committee, Inspector Seto Vasisto, said his party broke fraud to avoid rising prices for rice.

According to him, the average rice was sold at sophisticated prices.

"What happened, there were deviations, there were signs that changed the environment to the premium, and that's my control as a foodstuff."

The premiere said that the premium rice should be sold, but not as low as it really should be of the highest quality.

"That is not the average consumer, but the premium sold from the consumer, we agree with all the labor force in the region," Seto said. (radiation)

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