Thursday , August 18 2022

Recognition of signs of multiple myeloma


Jakarta – In addition to leukemia, there are other blood tumors that are often attacked by the elderly (elderly), ie multiple myeloma.

One expert on cancer, Dr. IHwan Rinaldi Sp PD-HOM explains that many myeloma is a blood cancer characterized by increased levels of blood plasma in the blood, antibody-producing cells, bone marrow transplantation, anemia, renal function disorders, porous bones, dyspepsia and high blood calcium levels. cases.

"This disease is an illness that is a fatal illness, and that's why there is an overdose of antibodies to this malignant tumor, but it's a good idea to reduce the body's resistance," said Dr. Ihwan Rinaldi., Jakarta, Wednesday (11/21).

According to him, many myelomas increase the blood's calcium level due to bone damage. High calcium in the blood can interfere with the heart rhythm, so many myeloma are not often detected because it is often similar to other illnesses.

"Patients with renal impairment are often associated with anemia, but myeloma does not have many suspects," explained Medtrea Hospital and a frequent doctor at Gading Pluit Hospital.

In fact, the brotherhood said that it is easy to identify the disease. If you see globulin levels higher than albumin's value, consider the diagnosis of the disease.

"If it is found, check whether there is antibodies or immunoglobulins in the blood, which is IgG, IgM or IgA, or to detect a large amount of plasma cell biopsy or bone marrow," he explained.

Dr. Ihavan notes that finding many myeloma is not difficult. But sometimes it is forgotten. If there is no rapid diagnosis, many myeloma can be life-threatening. High blood globulin levels can not be smooth, especially in the brain, causing coma and death.

"But with the right treatment, the patient can live with his family for a long time, the illness is sometimes wrong with other diseases, such as kidney insufficiency or bone loss," he said.

Dr. Ihvan remembers that there are other possibilities if there are kidney problems and / or loss of bone, in particular plasma cell tumors or multiple myeloma. In addition, several times the treatment of myeloma has been advancing dynamically in recent years.

"This progress has long been for patients, so finding a diagnosis of multiple myeloma provides longevity to survivors," he said.


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