Monday , January 30 2023

Scientists will be identified after 20 years – VIVA


VIVA – According to the British scientist, people will find traces of alien life in the next 20 years. David L. Clements, an astrophysicist at the Imperial University of London, has recently stated in this article.

"It is difficult to find life signs elsewhere, so the understanding of new scenes and events shows that living elsewhere can be opened in the next decade or two," he said.

Submitted via the site UndergroundOn Tuesday, November 20, 2018, during the study, the Farm Paradox discussed a number of facts that contradict the capabilities of other living things in the universe and identified by researchers.

Theoretically the traveling space is 50 to 100 million galaxies every star. The year can be entered on a timeline. Even slower than light speeds. Clemens said that foreigners should already be there.

Time constraints are used as evidence against the presence of intelligent creatures in space. But our personal life shows that intelligent life exists and can exist in the Galaxy. This is a fraud of the Fermi paradox.

Other articles, as we have seen in this article, are found in other seas, on the surface of the moon or on other planets that have a great influence on the development of civilization. Europe is Europe, first of all, for the Internet.

Then Jupiter's month was suspected of hiding it under an ice pad: "Other intellectual lives are locked, ice-covered, and they do not understand or understand the world outside of their territory," he said.

He then noted in his report that submarine species can reach a high level of exploration, dolphins and quantities. But technological changes are limited, depending on environmental factors. (ase)

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