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SECTION 6: Sustainable strengthening at the end of the IHSG I session


SECTION 6: Sustainable strengthening at the end of the IHSG I session
Customers have the information about the Indonesian stock exchange building, Jakarta, Thursday (06/9/2018), the IHSG, the Shared Stock Price Index (IHSG). – JIBI / Dwi Prasetya, JAKARTA – JCI traffic at today's trades was estimated to be still positive in the region after closing yesterday.

Binaartha Sekuritas declares that JCI will be returning to the green zone of today's trade.

Mohammad Nafan's analyst Adji Gusta said that the model of the high column, indicating that it was possible to go to the JCI resistance zone.

The first and second support from Bloomberg's daily basis reaches 5,895,655 to 5,870,716.

At the same time, the first and the second resistance range from 5,936,083 to 5,951,574.

Based on the indicator, MACD has been able to access the positive area. Stochastic and RSI are still on the high or high prices.

Indrumiya Sekuritas is planning to launch JCI today at 5789 – 6,002.

Vice President of the Department of Research William Surya Wijaja said that the JCI movement will continue in the midst of growth expectations in the near future.

According to him, this may be due to the possibility of re-entering the level of resistance and the concentration can be shifted to a better direction, of course, this should be sustained economically.

Also, today retail sales data are expected to increase, which is expected to increase, expecting JCI's growth and capital inflow.

Watch the live index movement on today

12:05 WIB

Composite stock index (IHSG), strongly restored only 0.02% or 0.91 points versus 5921.56.

11:46 WIB

Composite stock index (IHSG) declined by 0.02% or by 0.95 points to 5,919.64.

10:06 WIB

Composite stock price index (CSPI) increased by 0.62% or by 36.65 points and reached 5,957.25.

08:59 WIB

The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) increased by 0.37% or by 21.73 points to 5.942,32.

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