Saturday , January 28 2023

Seven of the UN peacekeepers were killed in the fight against the Ebola in the Congo


KONGO – Peacekeepers of the United Nations (UN) have died in the city of Beni-city, Kivu-Uttar, in the center of the Ebola explosion in the Congo, when they clashed with rebels.

Reuters reports that the dead were Malawi and Tanzania troops in New York, UN spokesman Stefan Dzhigryk said.

"Our peacekeeping colleagues reported that 6 peacekeepers who were involved in the UN peacekeeping operation in Malawi and Tanzania were killed in the Beni district of North Kivu Region," said Stefan Dyugric (11/15 / 2018) in New York on Friday,

Congo has been an armed uprising for over two decades since the fall of former military ruler Mobutu Seze Seko. In 2017, North Korea suffered major violence.

Benii-Siti and its surroundings are suffering from the Ebola epidemic, which has infected more than 300 people and killed two-thirds of the population.

This is the worst case in the Congo Ebola epidemic that took the third place after 28,000 people in West Africa, infected with HIV in 2013-2016 and 425 in 2000 in Uganda.

Mean City and its uprisings prevented the international efforts to control the virus. During this time, rebels have banned international healthcare professionals from accessing Ebola victims (Tri)

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