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She was charged with domestic violence and disclosed her guilty wife, Vicky, to Angel Lelga

Angel advised Lela about family problems, including Vicki Praseton's family.

Arman – The chaos of the house of Veliku Prasetio and Angel Lelga went up. In the midst of divorce proceedings, they were engaged in mutual accusations.

Angel even wrote several times publish it Instagram. Downloads are about the problems of Vicki's household.

On November 14, 2014, an artist who entered the world of politics again wrote his housework on Instagram. He feels a fake victim.

« Assalamualaikum. God tests our ability. In spite of God's will, there is a slander, a day of discouragement, and easy communication with people, "wrote Angel Lelga Arman, Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

    Angel Lelga

Angel Lelga (Instagram @angellelga)

This download has condemned the family of Vicky's family for domestic violence or domestic violence. Wiki's mother acknowledged that her son had been sorry at the end of his family.

Vicky's sister, Nabila Angel, often said that she had been abused by her brother. Nabal frequently called Angel frequently for evil.

Not only did Wicky's family also say that Angel Lelga Wiki did not open the door to Praseto's children.

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And when it was loaded, Angel declared that he had all the evidence. CCTV video speaks at home. Be motivated.

« But keep in mind the time and the clock, and the CCTV's testimony patiently responds to everything and proves that maybe God has given me all the facts to prove the right and written facts, because my CCTV-said Angel.

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