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Symptoms of a heart attack, such as heart attack, and its complications are fatal


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – The scientific name of the damaged heart syndrome or the thetzubo syndrome – is not an increase in the heart's heart ventricle, which weakens and weakens the heart as usual.

This situation is often emotionally challenged, for example, the death of a loved one.

However, such as those caused by physical conditions, such as asthma attack.

People who have self-regurgitation, but those who have a heart attack need urgent medical attention.

Also, according to a Swiss hospital in Zurich, Switzerland has been at high risk of death for heart failure due to cardiogenic shock after many years of illness.

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At least 24% of patients with cardiogenic shock are more likely to die with only 2 percent of patients with heart failure syndrome.

Indeed, mortality of patients with heart failure in cardiogenic shock over five years after treatment was about 40 percent in comparison with 10 percent for patients without cardiogenic shock.

"In addition to high levels of short-term mortality from this syndrome, those who for the first time ever broke the heart's syndrome have been exposed to death in a few years," declared Christian Temple's magazine.
"This shows the importance of long-term monitoring, especially in patients who are exposed to this syndrome," he said.

Symptoms of a heart attack syndrome are similar to heart attacks, such as chest pain and short breathing.

The difference is that heart failure does not have a heart attack, usually a few weeks after a few weeks of treatment.

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