Friday , October 22 2021

The announcement of the results of SKD in the CPNS MA test was delayed

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Based on the current schedule, SKD will be published in the first week of November. However, the Supreme Court has postponed the announcement of the results of the SCA.

Postponement of the SKD notification was made on the official MA website at 9 / Pansel-CPNS / MA / 11/2018. The letter was signed by the Secretary of the Supreme Court of Indonesia, the chairman of the MANS Selection Advisory Commission in Pugojaxo, USA.

According to Pugojohsoyo, the results of the SCA were not officially announced because of the lack of official results of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs.

"The results of the CCI publication and selection of field competencies can not be reported today by the National Citizen Service Commission (BSNN) from the National Selection Committee of the USSR," Pugojhossoyo said.

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According to Pugjoharsoi, the results of the LCD will be published in the near future if the Supreme Court is reporting the results of the LCD and the reliability of the PCB schedule.

Applicants are always recommended to visit the IA's official website, This official letter can be downloaded here.

As additional information, in this EITI, the SE has discovered 1052 structures consisting of common structures, collects, disability and boys and girls in Papua and West Papua.

According to the BKN, the SKD trial will last on November 17, 2018, in the next two days. Bhayu Tamtomo
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