Tuesday , August 16 2022

The causes of bumps and how to overcome them


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Climate change can cause skin problems, one of skin problems, in particular zits. Not only on the face but also in unexpected areas, such as buttocks. However, you should know that the hips on the buttocks are not different from the surface.

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Dermatologist Cherane Idris said: zits Inflammation arenas around the hair follicles called folliculitis. "Or because of chronic friction, secondary irritation can be even harder or even waxed," said Idris Allure.

A simple way to detect folliculitis is to infect your hair with follicular infection. This granule looks like a small, fine granule, it is aching or pain. When transported, it can turn into a large group, such as cysts.

The most important thing to do is to clean the area correctly. "Folliculitis does not always lead to bacteria, but it is constantly cleaned to avoid bacteria to get rid of bacteria," says Idris. it can also be caused by fungi. «

It is good not to exacerbate the area. "Let it be scrub or laugh," he said. Usually we think we will build this platform buttocks smooth, but in practice affects inflammation, which can potentially cause mucous and hyperpigmentation. "

Make sure that the air is always dry. After the exercise, replace the alkaline with new substances. Also avoid the wax so that it does not deteriorate the inflammation. "It is important to avoid wax because it can interfere with hair follicles and may cause inflammation and subsequent pigmentation," says Idris. Instead, it should be considered for longer holders or other types of hair removal, such as sugars.

To avoid acne on the backside, if you tend to irritate, regular use of the exfoliator, such as salicylic acid or lactic acid, helps keep the skin smooth. In general, make sure that you are inclined to the skin of your skin buttocks If it is dry and follicular, treat it immediately. If everything fails, talk to a dermatologist who can find the best treatment to cure this particular problem.

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