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The commander of the Third Army Command, TNI-Polri expects to increase the synergy


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Member of the Commission Ahmad Sakhroni, Head of the new Army Headquarters (KSAD) Andika Perkasa can improve synergies TNI they are well-established with law enforcement agencies, especially the National Police.

"As a third member of the Commission I hope that I will have good relations with law enforcement agencies, especially with the National Police or other organizations, such as the KPK," said Sahroni on Thursday (11/22) in a written statement.

According to Sahroni, one of the most important forms of TNI-Polri synergy in the near future will be the elections in 2019. He hopes that under the leadership of Antica, the army may be with the National Police to ensure the five-year Democratic Party's agenda.

In addition to the 2019 elections, NasDem's politicians hope that the human resources development in the Indonesian Armed Forces will be good, so there is no conflict with the national police in Indonesia. Because he saw a conflict between the army and the police some time ago.

"I hope that this situation will improve under the leadership of Anika: Military police will face a deal with the National Police and other crimes," Sakhroni said.

Member of the Commission, Charles Honoris, said that Alicia was appointed Chief of Staff and that Millwall's retirement was not correct. This new leadership, under the leadership of the army, will have enough time to concentrate in April 2019 to fulfill the electoral security tasks simultaneously.

Anneika has a relatively long time to pursue a policy to pursue the TNI reform agenda after Charles has joined her, not far from the age pensions.

According to members of the PDI-P faction, the head of the army headquarters has been working from 1 to 2 years so there is limited capacity to work with long-term impact.

"So, rather than thinking about different things, we have to wait and watch the entire army of Indonesia under the direction of Anika," he said.

Anica Prakasa, in accordance with Presidential Decree 97 / TNI, in 2018 sworn in as President of the new Army Staff at the House of the President, Joko Vidodo. In 2019, retired Gen. TNI Mouzono replaced him.

Prior to serving as Chief of Army Staff, on July 23, 2018, he served as Strategic Reserve Commander of the Army. Two days after his appointment as president of the Republic of Indonesia, Djokoui also trusted the Presidential Force Command.

After graduating from the Military Academy in 1987, he also chose Kopasso, a member of the army. In addition, Anica was appointed commander of the XII / Tanjungpura Regional Military Command (Pangnap) in 2016. (banner)

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