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The name of Flash Sale Mi 8 Lite is only about 19,000, Xiaomi is immediately criticized!

Lack of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
Copyright © SINDOnews – Xiaomi is now in the UK's smartphone market. And recently, the Chinese company has sold a solid sales volume to consumers.

Yes, yesterday's first ad sales Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is estimated at just 1 pound sterling, or 19,000. Instead of receiving positive feedback from consumers, they are criticized by the seller. What is the problem?

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Recently, Xiaomi has officially made a £ 4 pound sterling for the Mi 8 Lite, which is £ 19 pound sterling. However, the smartphone was so short that the enthusiasts immediately complain about Xiaomi's Facebook. They say, "Immediately ended, maybe clickbait, so people come to their website".

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Only 2 or 3 smartphones were sold yesterday. As BBC reported in the second page, the information is not on the main page. When the interested parties reach the following conditions and conditions, the units they sell are very small.

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Wilkin says Lee served as Sales Manager for the Xiaomi in the UK Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite fully accessible and sold by lottery system. However, if some groups do not have a lottery information, click on the 'Purchase' button, assuming that the goods are sold at the first stage.

Although Xiaomi corrected the issue, it may still be a problem, as the UK Advertising Standards Center has provided a condition that advertisers should provide accurate information about the products they offer.

Nevertheless, Xiaomi hopes that consumers will continue to follow the next sales program, which has been frequently held in different countries. So Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Is It Amazing at the Upcoming Flash Sale?

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