Wednesday , May 25 2022

The reaction of Mayangsari has received the souvenirs of Jengkhol from Bambang Triathology


TABLOIDBINTANG.COM – Mayangsari recently presented her Bambang Thriaccogo with her personal Instagram souvenirs. From Mayangsari's remarks, he returned to his friend from Palembang, South Sumatra, son of former President Suahart.

But it's not Palembang pimp, who brought Bambang Mayangsari, but a janitor. However, it was the usual ordinary jungle that Mayssari had in his post.

If the usual jengkol is a large circular shape and wide brown color, then something that really gives Bambang is really small. The shape is similar to solid black sweets. That's why Bambang Maangzary bought it so unique.

Mayangsari also saw a mood that was otherwise artificial. Although different, the jengkol fragrance is still unique.

"I swear, I knew I was the master of someone else, but it was not like walking," wrote Mayangsari on Wednesday (10/31).

Mayangsari de jengkol is not a favorite food. The mother of one child gives preference to the child. "Kl akyu sihh happy from his pethhhhhh," Mayangsari closed.


Writer Christina Dica Handanani

Editor Panditio Rayendra

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