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This is the advantage of Samsung Galaxy A9 Quadcamera

[ad_1], JAKARTA – Samsung Electronics Indonesia officially launched a mobile phone over Galaxy A9 on Wednesday (21.11.2018), with four cameras behind it. At least 8 million mobile phones for Samsung mobile phones flagship This.

Samsung has pledged a series of S-series flagship phones as a bridge and promises affordable pricing, but its peculiarity is similar to their trendy segment phones.

Reported Antares, On Wednesday (21/21/2018), street-loyal customers consider Camera's capabilities to be the most important on mobile phones before making a decision to make Samsung's products. These consumers have different taste in the camera, some of them require quality in telephoto lenses, and some are like a boxer effect.

These needs can indeed be embedded in the software, but Samsung believes that the actual lens will be a difference in result and experience. Samsung has a four-lens, a telephoto, an ultraviolet 120 degree and a four-sided camera in the form of a depth or depth of the lens.

Samsung has installed a 24MP sensor in the main camera with f / 1.7 holes. The other lens on the back is composed of a 10 megapixel telephoto, which has 2x optical zoom capability.

The Galaxy A9 also has an ultra-wide 120 degree lens with 8MP AI Scene Recognition to detect the subject matter and adjust the best photo settings. The 5MP lens with F / 2.2 holes is used for photo bokers effect and has a manual focus.

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