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Use the 17-meter LEDs, especially the Borobudur, Mariah Carey Clear


MAGELANG, – Mariah Carey Tuesday (06/11/2018) Borobudur Temple Magelang Tourist Park, Central Java, will give a great performance on the stage of Himbara Borobudur Symphony.

Special requests for organizers from the world pop diva managers should be performed to ensure that they start from the lighting unit and stage sound system.

However, there was one request, which eventually ended, ie using a 17-meter LED for a background. However, there are almost always such LEDs and the operators must perform at all concerts.

"They asked for a 17-meter-long LED background, and all concerts in any country should be standard, but because of the Borobudar Temple, the demand has been canceled," explained Borobudur Symphony 2018 Creative Director Bakkar Vibovo, Tuesday (6/11/2018 ).

The board, including Marie Carey, tells Bakqar, "Borobudur Temple is a beautiful creature of Indonesia's great ancestor. So, shame when Buddha Mandala's screen is closed.

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"Finally, in the middle of the LED, just right and left, the background of Borobudur's temple is that it defines Marie Carey's concerts everywhere," said Bakkar.

In addition, UNESCO's recognized cultural heritage was shot with thousands of vivid bulbs. Then the combined force sound system 80 000 volts. This combination should give an interesting experience for all audiences.

"All requests can still be made, they are not complicated," Bakqar said.

Scenic concept was 18 x 20 meters wideoutdoor tent) Places of the VVIP super classroom to enjoy the festival's melodies, as well as the magnificence of Borobudur's historic land.

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