Friday , June 9 2023

You can play games from PS4 PS4


Jakarta – When it was discovered, Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) was unable to make a series of rumors. One of them can play legacy PS4 console games.

You can play games from PS4 PS4


PS5, the new Sony-based console gadget, has not been found even when it was last but not least.

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Later, when the Sony PS4 started working on the successor, news on the DualShock gameplay in the succession console screened.

Then the decision on the absence of Sony's 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event was also due to the desire to strengthen PS5.

Now PS5 has the ability to attack other rumors that can play games for PS4 and have backward compatibility capabilities.

On Thursday, November 22, 2012, released on Daily Star, Sony's 2018 release date.

Referring to, the quote states that "we are trying to simplify the impact of the life cycle of the platform compared to the previous phase and stabilize the profit structure."

Daily Star explained in a simple language, Sony has decided to maximize all new generation console, and later with the support of new games, it has the ability to play games that have already existed.

These gamers have the opportunity to purchase PS5 directly, so they can enjoy the special game while launching, besides buying a large collection of games from the former console, which extends PS4's lifecycle.

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