Saturday , January 28 2023

A person who owns cannabis for treatment of epilepsy has been fined € 100


36-year-old Kohler lost his teeth for epileptic seizures, and was fined because he was a successful cannabis for her symptoms.

In Killrush District Court, John Monnin's Lawyer Patrick Moilan, Mr. Mountaine, did not break his hands because he was always abandoned THC oil every night before bedtime.

Mr. Moilan says using THC to be a cannabis is the only way Mr. Sir's control of his detention.

According to the attorney, "Mr. Lindane's stroke was diminished by teeth as long as he had many teeth before taking cannabis oil."

Mr. Moulan suggested that Mr. Mr. Christendom recommends visiting the cannabis grass to control epilepsy when all traditional medicine fails.

According to him, Mr. Mr. Gaulle is a neuropathologist and drug addict, including lyric, amitriptyline, and topamax, a controller who controls the shortcomings of his behavior.

In this case, Pillay Road Mountaineer Killrush was found guilty of grabbing more than 30 herbaceous herbs on the 10th of August, 2017 in Tullicrine, West Clara.

Moylen said: "There are steps to make a cannabis that can be accessed for health care purposes – the law does not permit it, but it is expected. Mr. Sir is considered illegal today. He knows that. He never chew the cannabis. It uses it only for this process. "

Judge Patrick Durank asked for an interview with Paul Slater: "Does the state know the medical condition of a person?"

"We are now," said Inglis Slatter.

The judge said, "The issue of access to narcotic drugs is the subject of public debate."

"I'm not a legislator," he said. "Thank you so much for your client that discount."

Judge Durank said that Mr Madison was fined 100 euros and that Mr. Moilan was "more likely to be penalized for this offense and that I would accept what you said."

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