Sunday , May 22 2022

A recruiting firm to visit Australia's emigrant home for limerick workplaces


The admission firm offered to travel to Limerick, Australia, for immigrants from Australia.

The FRS Recruitment Company offers a free flight to the home of any expatriate who helps to find a job in Limerick, Australia or any other part of the country.

In the United States, incentives have been introduced to encourage people affected by Down Down during the crisis, especially in Ireland, to re-evaluate employment opportunities in Ireland, working in the IT and health sectors.

Ireland, which has been specially organized this week, must adopt a roadshow to engage in a recruiting, FRS Recruitment, which will be held in Australia this week showing Limerick's jobs and other Irish opportunities.

FRS Recruitment is a contracted flight to any person who successfully protects your work. If the proposal extends to all sectors, FRS will be directed to personnel who want to work in the construction, IT, health care, medical equipment / pharmaceuticals and finance sectors during road construction, taking into account specific needs in these industries.

"As the country is fully employed, it is difficult to find qualified personnel. Limerick and all the Irish companies are paying more attention to people to fill important roles. It's not just about filling vacancies for companies, but about finding the right candidate to meet their needs, "said Colin Donnery, General Manager of FRS Recruitment.

"During the economic crisis, highly educated and educated people left these coasts to look for opportunities that were not available in Ireland. Australia Down Down was renowned for its workplace. Many of these expatriates have developed a solid career in Australia, retaining their experience and impressive resume.

"When we have a broad relationship with the Irish community in Australia, we know about many expatriates who are hoping to return home. Ireland's aim is to help people realize how important this opportunity is now in Ireland.

"We look forward to providing free vacancies by providing people with free vacancies, providing basic wages and logistical information, and encouraging them to consider seriously the application of roles in Ireland. We have many roles in every area in Ireland, including the Limerick.

"At present there is a special demand for personnel in construction, information technology, health, medicine / pharmaceutical and financial sectors. There are many Irish people working in Australia who are interested in employers in this country. We know how badly we know their qualifications in this market, and how these incredible positions will provide a great opportunity to come back home, "Donnery concluded.

The Road Show will go to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and run on November 8, November 13.

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