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After the operation, there is a baby with a "devil horn" (PHOTO) – RT World News

The rare baby was left behind by the devil horn like a horn after surgery to reduce the pressure on the brain.

His 22-month-old son, Klein Solans, in the Philippines, was born with the so-called hydranesephalia, which means his small brain and fluid-filled skull.

Clyne had an operation in March, but fell in the brain because of complications with surgery. As a result, there were striking rhinoceros that resembled the devil's horns.

Since then, the situation has changed sharply, and now Klein Pasig's Children's Medical Center in the Philippines needs to be fully operated to restore its skull shape. Klein's case complicated the 21-year-old Justin Gatrin, who was alone in his mother, who was worried that he was weak enough to survive another surgery.

«I do not want to continue it now, because I'm afraid my son is not strong enough, – said Galin to the Daily Mail. «So it is difficult to make a decision. If we do not do it, his head will remain as long as he lives. «

«Some say that his head is like a devil's horn, but we doubt that he is an angel. He breaks my heart to see that he has sufferedhe said.

Hydrenasthalia is a rare condition that evolves during pregnancy and prevents the development of the baby's brain, and increases the number of them. An unforeseen situation can lead to disability, intellectual disability, attitudes, and loss of vision. Klein needs help to breathe and needs feeding through the tube.

Klein and her family's friends and family use social media to raise teenage healthcare costs. According to Giustin, the family has spent a lot of money on paying for their operations, but the cost of their medical aid is more expensive.

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«We have sold everything we own to earn enough money for the operation. But after surgery, we still need to return to the hospital, "He said.

«The tube on his neck allows him to breathe, which should be replaced every six months. I was amazed to see my child suffer. «

Justin hopes that she will live to become a teenager because other babies born in the past have never done it before. Adult survivors of Hydranensefallia are more commonly seen – in fact, most die in wounds or after birth. Although the exact cause of hydrotherapy is unknown, it is inherited disorder according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

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