Saturday , January 28 2023

Buy a Christmas jump from Amazon and Help Save the Children


Amazon is a partnership with Save the Children for the Christmas Day, December 14.

Amazon Fashion UK Christmas Jumper Store will be available from 1 November to 31 December.

At and on, any Christmas jump or Christmas dresses purchased at Christmas Holidays store Amazon donates 20% of the net purchase price for "Save the Children".

Susan Saidman, vice president of Amazon Fashion Europe, said: "Saving children is truly a charity donation, in fact, changing the lives and future of our children, and their Christmas day – we are proud of ourselves and enjoy ourselves. year.

"Customers can find updated and classic versions of Christmas Holidays, regardless of your style."

On Friday, December 14th, millions of people in the UK's offices and schools will be glad to help bring about 2 million pound sterling and children's lives.

Claire Rowney, Managing Director for Save the Children, said: "We are happy that Amazon Fashion is celebrating Christmas this year, Christmas Holidays Store – a great place to celebrate a great day for festive text Friday 14th of December.

"Despite the 20% charity of every dam, we can do everything together to ensure that our children survive, to be able to protect and learn when they are in danger".

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