Thursday , September 29 2022

Buy Sony Xperia XZ3?


Creating a visible smartphone in most markets is also a challenging business for Sony-installed players.

The company's Xperia brands are already in its 10th year in 2018, and recently the XZ3 phone is connected to the network. Sony chose evolution rather than the revolution and stood up against the popular trends in its latest flagships, but was it a good way to apply a simple approach?

Design and display

Many of the features on the Xperia XZ3 are still the same (PA / Jamie Harris)

The latest Xperia XZ2 can easily be misleading with the XZ3 because the design is similar to each other, just like Samsung GALAXY S phones.

This, of course, gives a sophisticated look and is handy enough for one hand to use – it's hard to come with many large smartphones that have become a tradition today.

However, elegant, dark texture, which is more distinctive, is a non-wrinkle glass body material.

Smays for the phone (PA / Jamie Harris)

At 9.9 mm, XZ3 is slightly less than 11.1 mm in size, weighs only 5 g, now less than 193 g, but it's not enough to lift the handset.

The back side of the fingerprint sensor, including the inconvenient location of the fingerprint sensor, is similar to the previous one.

Thanks to Sony, the magnificent OLED display uses the Bravia range as a TV producer and has a mile. 6in 2160 × 1080 can be found on your smartphone, making it easy to watch movies or videos.


Most XZ3 hardware is similar to Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and 4 GB RAM, similar to your phone's speed control.

Regardless of the specific features sheet, the handle does not run smoothly, just as you would expect, especially if there are several applications running in the background.

Xperia XZ3 (PA / Jamie Harris)

Side Sense is a good addition to the most advanced applications and shortcuts, but it does not allow accidental touch – you can also turn it off.

Also, Sony does not allow the 19-megapixel screwdriver to refresh the back camera. Photos still look good, but Google does not steal other Android devices such as Pixel phones and OnePlus 6T.

Otherwise, Sony has decided to focus on the front camera and push it to 13 megapixel, so you can see at least the difference.


Sony likes to keep the original price up to 699 pounds – like various phones – it hinders the everyday increase – but, unfortunately, XZ3 is in line with its previous version instead of trying to improve it.

If you are looking for something beautifully to see the movies, the new and valuable part of the display is easy, so you see the right place.

The shape of the phone is perfect for holding one hand but reducing weight again.

Sony can be a time of revolution rather than evolutionary security.– Association Press

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