Saturday , October 16 2021

Charlie Proctor died – his mother's last words were broken

A courageous little boy who helped people around the world to cope with cancer has died – after I tell her mother, I apologize for that.

Charlie Proctor died in the hands of his parents two years after being diagnosed with rare cancer in 2016.

His fight against the disease has captured the heart of the country, including Pink, the US superstar.

Charlie Charley, Acrythton, has been fighting for rare cancer cases for almost three years, and on November 9, her parents were Amber and Ben.

The Americans raised £ 360,000 for sterility treatment, but said last month that they would be ill and would not be cured for treatment.

According to the injured Amber, Charlie was "the best friend" and "greatest inspiration" and the world lost "a wonderful little boy".

He wrote on Facebook on Saturday: "Last night, at 23:14, my friend, my world, Charlie took the last breath.

Charlie Proctor

"When my dad reaches me, he sleeps. Our heart is ill.

"The world has lost an incredible little boy. Charlie, you give me a chance to become my mother.

"You have inspired thousands of people around the world, not just our biggest bottles. You showed me
it really means Charlie. "Now it's time to fly, I am proud of you. You will find it very difficult.

For more than two years after finding a cancerous tumor in the abdomen, males can rarely be malignant

"Son, I'm so sorry. I miss you constantly. She dreams of a sweet baby.

A few hours earlier, Amber announced the final picture of his son and told her "I do not know what to do" and "Mom, I regret it."

Amber: "This is my last photo of Charlie. In recent days, it's getting worse. It's no longer like Charlie.

"I remember Charlie for all the people. I want them to remember how happy they are, how happy they are, how happy they are, and how sad they are, because Charlie is not right now.

His heartwarming parents spent four or six weeks last month

"She is sad, she is tired, she ate and disappointed. "I do not know what to do" – its keywords.

"At one point, Charlie turned to me and said, 'Mother, I'm sorry for that.' He apologized for re-moving and thought he had to apologize for it? Now, I know, he feels like "on his way."

"My heart is broken off! No boy should feel the emotions of Charlie. "

The first-year student of St. Andrew's Astrology was diagnosed with Hepatoblastom in February 2016.

After successful surgery at a children's hospital in Birmingham, she started remission of liver cancer, but returned sadly to the malignant tumor.

In the United States, money was collected for Charlie's withdrawal, and last year at the Jeremy Kyle show, the fan of Acquington Stanley-Mad appeared.

Charlie Proctor

In recent months, hundreds of thousands of pound sterilized money has been raised and prominent people such as pop star Pink have supported.

Last month, her family raised Charlie's birthday for six months because he wanted to reach a very important stage.

A representative of St. Andrew's Primary School said: "How can we tell about the way our school community feels?

Charlie Proctor joins Christmas lights in 2016 in Accrington

"Since September Charlie's cabinet was empty, and we missed her smile and humor.

"Charlie's family and prayers. The school will not be without it. "

Accrington Stanley posted on Twitter: "It's such tragic news to hear about Charlie Procter's transformation. All our thoughts on #Asfc are with Charlie's family. «

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