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Eaton Co. PLC Quarterly Dividends $ 0.66 (ETN)


Eaton Co. PLC (NYSE: ETN) announced quarterly dividends, October 23, RTT News reports. On Friday, November 2, Friday shareholders are paid a written dividend of 0.66 per share per industrial product. The annual dividend rate is $ 2.64 and the dividend yield is 3.65%. The previous dividend date is November 1.

ETN shares were set at $ 72.36 on Thursday. Eaton is 12 months below $ 67.70 and $ 12.95 higher than $ 89.85. The company has a fast ratio of 0.96, a current ratio of 1.49 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.40. The market capitalization of the fund is $ 31.43 billion, from 15.56 tenge per dollar, PEG ratio is 1.32 and beta is 1.49.

Eaton (NYSE: ETN) announced the results of its latest quarterly revaluation on Tuesday, October 30. The manufacturing company reported a quarterly EPS of $ 1.43 for a $ 1.43 billion consensus estimate. Eaton acquired 13.48% of its equity and 10.06% net profit. The firm has earned $ 5.41 billion for a quarter, and according to the expert, $ 5.49 billion. In the same quarter of last year, the company placed EPS at $ 1.25. Business revenues grew by 3.9% each year. As a group, research experts predict Eaton will earn 5.35 per share in the current fiscal year.

In other Eaton news Insath Revathi Advaithi sold 15,500 shares of the company on Thursday, August 30. The stock price was $ 1 286 190.00 at an average price of $ 82.98. After the sale, the insider currently holds 24,715 shares and estimates $ 2,050,850.70. The deal was opened in Securities and Exchange Commission documents, available on the SEC website. Inside Richard H. Firon sold 25,000 shares of Eaton on Wednesday, 5 September. The sale price was $ 2,082,250, the average price was $ 83,29. Upon completion of the deal, the insider has 22,445,320 shares in the company, approximately $ 18,445,320.11. This sales information can be found here. Insiders have sold over 55,000 shares in the last three months, valued at $ 4,617,645. 0.50% of the fund belongs to corporate insiders.

ETN was the subject of several analytical reports. UBS Group has set Eaton to $ 97.00 at a targeted price and assigned the company a "purchase" rating as of 31 October. Deutsche Bank Eaton raised its price from $ 95.00 up to $ 102.00 and on Friday, September 28, has assigned a "purchase" rating. Morgan Stanley published Eaton's report on Monday, August 20. They presented the "equilibrium" rating and offered a stock price of $ 86.00. Credit Suisse Group began publishing Friday (October 12th) at Eaton. They rated "outperform" and $ 91.00 per share. Finally, Wells Fargo & Co re-released Eaton's "buying" rating on September 26th. Two researchers rated shares with a sales rating, four holders of holdings, and fourteen issuances. Eaton has an average price of "buying" and consensus for $ 86.12.

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Eaton Corporation plc operates as a global power company worldwide. The electrical products segment offers electrical and industrial components, household products, single-phase power quality products, emergency lighting and fire-extinguishing products, wiring devices, structural support systems, chain protection and lighting products.

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