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Ein Murphy is a diploma from Kilkenna


Ein Murphy won the All-Ireland Club in the middle of the field two years ago for Glemore, and recently he won the second All-Star gate.

Twenty-one-year-old Brian Cody is a prominent player, although he has several people at the age of 21 until Kilkney is settled as his senior patron.

The All Star acceptance was an important milestone in his career for all three victories over Ireland's cat, especially when he was forced to see such a tough competition.

"At the end of the year there was a good conversation, and for parents it's more than proud," explained Murphy.

"When I think about retirement in a few years, I can see it again, but I hope I can count on a few Irish medals before I think about it.

Speaking about the game quality at the moment, he said: "Anthony Nash has been at the top of his game for the last two years, short waves, longs and you're spreading it to another level.

"Nicki Quid seemed very disadvantaged and probably did not get enough complaints this year.

"If you look at blows at the highest level in any district, they all have high-level security guards," Murphy said in Australia this weekend as he participated in a Wild Geese Trophy Fight against Sydney in Galway.

"You have three top classmates in Dublin: Alan Nolan and Gary Maguire, Mark Fanging in Wisconsin, and Fallal Fallner of Galley, Colm Kallanne and James Scylele.

"It's very competitive, so it's a great moment to succeed – it's a choice of selectors. I hope to be in the future for two consecutive years, and I am performing at a high level.

Murphy jumps with black and amber

Murphy is well known as goalkeeper on the national stage, but when he returns home, his club Glenmore 2016 All-Ireland champions

Given the fact that the game is going to happen, goalkeepers play the game again, play the game, and feel that they are constantly showing in the midst of the players.

"I still play in the middle of the club, in the middle, so I have the best of both worlds," he said.

"I have no advantage, if you tell me full play or angry play, I really love it, and I will do all that I can and give it to me.

"Teams are trying to get as much space as possible, so you can have a full forward line for two or even one person because the teams try to drag and drop the angle brackets or opponents at speed.

"In my opinion, the role of guards plays a big role.

"For me and Nicky, it's good for us, as we play the field because we've been much more comfortable with the ball than some of the old, traditional goalkeepers who could have played a few years ago. «

See the main moments of Galway and Kilkenny at the Wild Geese Trophy at RTÉ2 on November 11 at 20.00

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