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Gardi is ready to be arrested for suspecting the attacker


The Chief Justice, Daniel Sweeney, after Sunday's incident at Horseleap, Co Offaly
The Chief Justice, Daniel Sweeney, after Sunday's incident at Horseleap, Co Offaly

Gardai has detected suspects and has been awaiting arrest after an amateur soccer match between an adult attacker.

The Midlands referee, Daniel Swini, was hospitalized Sunday morning after the Co Offaly match after a car bomb attack.

After the collision with Horsselaup in the United League Soccer League (CCFL), three of his players have been attacked by the attackers and their spectators.

Gardi is subordinate to a particular investigation and understands that many researchers have been interviewed as part of the investigation. The scene of the attack was also considered yesterday.

Mrs. Swini passed an additional treatment and treatment for her injuries last year.

She realized she had come from Tullamor's Hospital to St. James's Hospital and later to Eye and Ear.

It damaged the suspected eye socket and its face, and also had to sneak into the nose after the alleged attack.

President of the Irish Football Association Paul O'Brien said he had contacted FAI Director General John Delany on this issue.

"Of course, we will sit with them, and he promised next week that he would sit with me and we can discuss it," he said.

"Taking into account what we want to do, we do not want to see it again, but we believe that it is necessary to eliminate obstacles to ensure that this situation does not happen again. for players who do this.

"We want to discuss how we can resolve this issue and join the discussion, if I raise the referendum to a minimum, or manage the referee and if I get one year, then we have to do something we have to do. «

Mr. Brian should also consider the abuse of social media arbitrators.

According to the chairman of the United Soccer Soccer League, Shawn Montgomery, they will be fined for a lifetime ban on the club.

He said: "We have nothing to do with how to solve this problem.

"It is absolutely unacceptable and absolutely unacceptable."

Recent events are in line with the notice from the Dublin District League of Schoolchildren (DDSL).

The Lens League, after a series of rallies, has complained of players and players.

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