Wednesday , May 18 2022

"Hussi" Shanakhan is not frozen in time, but a funeral


Aengus & Gussie & # 39; The story of the burial site of the clan was heard "from the time it was lost 18 years ago."

Gdaway confirmed that last month after the DNA technology was upgraded, fragments of bones discovered on the Shannon Mountains in 2001 were owned by Mr Shanhanhan, who disappeared on February 11, 2000, at the age of 20.

On Saturday, thousands of people came to the temple of the Rosary Church on the way to Ennisk, where Crankhan's brother, Frin Akinas, said that Duffy was closed at the end of his family.

"When we lose a person, we can keep a tight schedule for the whole family and stay in the same time. Hussi is really free, "said Flor. Brother.

"It's been 18 years since I was looking for a response, trying to get the information that led to the end of the search. Finally, Anarara can be buried with her mother, Nancy. «

The members of the search-and-rescue service, volunteer division of Mr. Shanhanhan, who had identified the skeletal remains, participated in an emotional mass. Gardi is involved in this, as well as a number of families of search and rescue organizations and other missing people.

F. Duffy tells people who never forsake their loved ones.

Royberd Shanakhan described his younger brother as "a good, kind, devoted, hardworking and hardworking son of our family."

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