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I believe John Barrow is the coolest person in the classic jungle.


John Barrow knows that he is waiting for me to hit the shower areas in the famous jungle.

And Torchwood's star invites you to play in the same league as the Myleene Klass, which is famous for wearing white bikini on the Hit TV series.

With 51-year-old Barrow he tells me I was back, I was a famous and famous Grandmas, but now he admits he wants to be the king of the jungle. This is due to the fact that Crank has won their pantas – if small audiences are not afraid of their jokes.

With 51 year old Barrow, "I'm waiting for him. I've bought some of the coolest I can wear in the shower.

Myleene Klass is in the jungle in November 2006

They are really colorful and bright, and I think my friend is to play in the league at the League of Millennium Clashes. I have nothing to do at all. Now I am 51 years old and my body has changed a bit, but I'm still proud of who I am.

"I want to lose my love, but I think it looks good to me. I have no plastic surgery. I had no teeth or eye work.

Last year, Scotland was surprised by 10 observers.

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But you can not wait to get to work with Barroso and take a great part in the camp, which does not allow anyone to cling to others. Her husband, Scott, and her parents go down to Down Down to support her, and she is the last.

He said: "If I said that I had not won, I would be fooling you."

Although he was ready to go to the camp, Barroso said he still had the hope of adopting a child. But he said, "I just can not go out and buy a single piece.

"It should be a partnership, and I think Scott is ready for it. She should be on board.

Also, last year, they were playing Crankies playing Barrow in Manchester
supported his spouse for glory.

Jimanne Cranky is the star of the Pantone, Janet Tuf

Jimmy Cranky's star, Janette Tou, 71 years old, wrote: "John's snowballs and PC brigades have a chance to win if he leaves it alone.

"People are offended by the least things in these days, and even the old jokes are offensive. Residents of Manchester complained about John's entry into the double chamber. They need to be relieved.

John says, "He thinks he does not think he can."

"If people in the camp look at the people on the TV, it will be the winner," says 71-year-old Jan Tou. Barrumman has no problem with Bushtaker trials.

He said: "He is nothing, if he is afraid, I am amazed.

"His energetic level is awesome, and he is experiencing trials. It is not.

I asked the crankies of their former name, but they refused me.

Janett says: "We have a 20-mile cinema
I'm famous, so why would we leave our home comfortably in the jungle?

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