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In 2018, with the difficulties faced by Stacy Dowell and Kevin Clifton, salsa blow | TV and Radio Showbiz & TV

Stacy Douli, 31, was in the middle of the 1930's in the midst of the tough dance dance since he was impressed by his regular actions.

The bride was hit by a weekend scoring 32 points on her waltz, but Stacy and Kevin are taking part in this weekend.

For a week, nine of the BBC Dance Contest, the other couple will go to the Blackpool tower.

Nevertheless, "It takes two places" has received important information that can see the 53-year-old former participant Jeremy Wayne Stacy's dangerous situation.

During the weekend, Blackpool's 47-year-old Zoe Ball was attacked and analyzed by Jeremy Stacy's dance.

Zoe said to Jeremy: "Is Galina doing saliva for Jeremy?"

Jeremy replied, "Well, we can see what we can say about Blackpool statistics.

"Salsa has never had 10 Blackpools."

The news was surprising, Zoe said, "No, come to Kevka." Stacy is amazed by the fate of the judges.

However, Jeremy Stacy and Kevin suggested confidence: "Good news. None of Kevin's partners have ever been eliminated in Blackpool. "

Did Stacy be able to break the path of success, or could he see Kevin's record keeping?

"It's a good news," Zoe said. Jeremy: "Kevin goes up to Blackpool and congratulates Cliffton."

Speaking about the statistics of marriages in the previous segment, Jeremy Stacy highly appraised the cohesion.

Zoo: "Finally, Stacy Dowly. Stacy statistics tell us what?

"I talk to Stacy and Kevin, can it be a lot of emotions, would you agree with the audience? Jeremy asked.

He says, "Kevin has a feeling. They are a great couple, she is awesome, she deserves to win this thing?

"After a couple of weeks in deep depths, he had another unlucky Saturday," Jeremy said.

Jeremy: "What happened here? At first it seemed that he did not get his rhythm at all.

"Then Kevin, the teacher.

"The highest point was the 36th street trade, and we started thinking that you could win."

Participants' dance will be available on Saturdays at 6.45 in the BBC.

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