Wednesday , December 8 2021

Jaden Smith removes tweet that invites Tyler. His "f ** king boyfriend"


Jayden Smith invited Tyler, his f ** king boyfriend.

Will and Jada Smith's son were seen last night at the Tyler Festival when Limp Foggy Gnoum met with an American rapper.

Jaden told the audience, "I just want to say to Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world.

"I love her very much, and I want to tell you something, I want to tell you, Tyler does not want to, but Tyler is my dad.

Jaden has deleted his tweets

"She lived with me and I'm busy with my life!" Tyler, Creator is my favorite guy!

Tyler – the real name of Tyler Gregory Okon – is laughing, stretching his head, shaking his head, and proud of Jaden.

A few hours later, 20-year-old Jayden wrote on Twitter: "I've told everyone who did Yup @tyler."

He confirmed that he had met Tyler

ANSWER: 27-year-old Tyler wrote: "Haahaha, you are a fool."

Haud and Jade's Twitter have disappeared, but Tyler is still alive.

Last year, Tyler was accused of homophobia, his sexuality was dubbed the Scum F ** k Flower Boy.

Reaper Tyler, Creator
Tyler comes out in 2015 as gay

"Next way I'll be like woah," he wrote me in "Time Got Time", "Since 2004, I've grown up with white children. «

He also wrote in 2015: "I CAN DROWN AND HAHHHAHAH HAVE ONE DAY for four days."

Tyler Kenald Jenner and Dae-de-Yaden were also associated with good friends, and this week, he accused Lemph Fog Gnav when he described "no" as "crunchy."

Tyler went on stage to his supporters and went on the stage and told his fans: "Hey, AJA Rocky, shake this rock. [Smith]He is with you, he may like his usual name. Where is Kendal? It will shake off its bones rather than any donkeys. "

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