Saturday , June 19 2021

Joey Barton answers Daniel Sturridge's final

Joey Barton urged the Football Association to revise the bets.

Following the announcement by Daniel Sturridge of an investigation into the breach of the FA, Barton called the governing body "21st Century" as gambling.

Sturridge disclosed his innocence to Liverpool and next Tuesday at 6.00 pm to file a penalty.

But the Barton Community, which has been banned for the first 18 months of the federation's ban on gambling in 2016, requires the players to make the necessary changes to normal recreational techniques.

"The City Manager of Fleetwood says in an interview with Sky Sports News," They need to revise their views. " "Players who are exposed and banned by players are the pinnacle of the iceberg.

"There are many people who are interested in selling and promoting gambling, and I do not think it's a problem.

"When it comes to something that is a major part of the game, I think we will ban players."

Since then, Florida has received five FIFA rankings from Sturridge, which had been loaned to Inter Milan in January, but confirmed the FA's accountability.

Barton wants to see some benefits for gamers when dealing with the dragonlike rules of gambling.

Barton: "I do not allow bets on games, as it would harm the integrity of the sport, but I think we should become our 21st century.

"I think the position here is too strict, a tough line.

"If the Premier League player bets on the Brazilian League, what is the point?

"The method of zero tolerance has always been killed."

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