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Legend of Zelda: Oralina is 20 years old


When you want to remove all the hair and remove video games forever after the water-jet water shrine, the Legend of Zelda: Time Oralina will give you a gift. You are in the morning, leaving a magnificent gun on the bottom of the Hilla lake, and knowing that if you damage the prophetic word about the nearby rock, you will be shot dead by the arrow. When you do it, the cutter falls into what's falling from the sky, hidden treasure of the treasure – fireplaces. Technically, they can not be meaningless for the main mission of Nintendo 64, this month, but you can congratulate them after the Storm Water Temple, which can fire you enemies.

Here's how the "Ocarina" makes a special arrangement among the mysteries of the water and a clever new toy. Half of the game is carefully thought out, and the other half is visceral, useful.

This is not the first Zelda game to follow, but its previous version of the Super Nintendo, the "past link to past", was also made, but the first three-dimensional part of the series "Ocarin" was first made in cinematic and expansive ways, followed by many open epic epic games. In the "Link to the Past" section, "Ocarin" allows you to calm down – it gives you the opportunity to explore, explore and interact. He dedicated Zelda's past to his bright future that worked, but began to develop new borders. And after two decades of release, it's more than virtual nostalgia. Even after many video games have gone beyond its size, range, combat system, and many other things, Ocarina has a time-tested experience. Several game editions consider it to be the biggest game of all time.

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On November 21, 1998, the fifth edition of the series "Zarya" Otarina Vremya, sold more than seven million copies in her life. On the first scene, the main character Lincoln is awakened from his horror, where a horrible horse horse runs through a bridge guarding a young woman who runs away. When he comes to Linna, he is invited to the fairy tales of Navi, from childhood to adulthood, starting with beautiful mountains filled with lava. Green man, of course, is the eternal antagonist of the series Ganddorff, and the young woman – the famous hero – Princess Zelda. Arman predicts what will happen in the future, but what is interesting is that Hannordor will succeed on his story. The reference is not strong enough to fight in the first part of the game because it is a child, so it is sealed in "Temple of Temple" for seven years after trying to produce a series of "Master-Sword" series.

As an adult, he is awakened by Hirl, and he is now under Hannandord's control to collect seven pieces from seven pieces to reach the castle. The ability to temporarily freely travel to different groups, especially adults, to an adult, and hence the title of the game. Even though you do not have a full line game, you will get even more, and even more scenes appear, the better it will get 'Ocarina'. The child's Link-Enjoyment is lightweight and fun, where the fastest competitors and limited combat capabilities will be, the history of Adult Link will be deeper and darker. Like most Zelda games, the full potential of the Ocarina game is a continuation of the game.

In 1998, apart from the storyline that interests you, there are currently a few basic things about Ocarina, the only first 3-D Zelda. Control scheme that allows you to create things like z-targeting to block pests and interests, is smoother and more stable than other third-party games. Controlling the camera has been a simple time since the button can fix the camera and lock objects, making it easier to focus, especially an attacked enemy. Also, some depths and strategies have been added to combat and respond, allowing them to assign three different weaponry and objects, including three different weapons or weapons, to three different directions. It's not perfect, but there's still much to be done when it comes back to the game in 2018. Battle, control, and camera are all good, "Ocharina" testifies to how well it is done.

Another original part of the game's essay is its use of music. The veteran video music composer Koji Kondo is a soundtrack that can be his masterpiece, full of common themes in your brain, and adds emotional stress to the best moments of the game. But this is a title eager to solve riddles, day and night, and rotate the map for many purposes. This is a limited, but significant way to interact with the player's soundtrack. In small hands, he was annoying and troublesome, but he made it difficult to pay for the game and strengthened gameplay.

Ask anybody who has played in the game "Oquarina" to ask what the favorite parts of the game are and you can get your important work thesis. Perhaps he first went through Hyrule Field. Perhaps he had been kidnapped by Lon Lon Ranch's legendary name Ephona (Can I put you on a horse?), Yes, you ride a horse then you will not listen to 3D games. Perhaps this is probably the case with Dark Link. It is possible that a boat sailing boat can be used to fight Bongo Bongo. Perhaps he knows who Sheikh is. There is no shortage of answers, perhaps twenty years later, it remains one of the best and most important video games.

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