Friday , February 3 2023

Miriam Stoppard: "Fast Cows for Infection of Type 2 Diabetes" – Miriam Stopwell


We know it is easy to lose weight, which can reverse type 2 diabetes.

But no one thought until the loss of weight.

Now that you know you've lost weight, the better. Experts say that if you want to overcome the illness, you need to absorb pounds after the diagnosis.

A severe 800-calorie diet during the next two years after the diagnosis is much longer than anticipated for diabetes.

This is because uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can have an impact on the pancreatic insulin-producing cells for more than three years.

Newcastle University study examined data from 298 adults diagnosed six years ago.

Participants aged 20-65 drank from 825 to 853 calories a day for 3-5 months.

Almost half of them (46%) were exempted from 2 types after one year, and only 4% did not.

The study loses weight in some patients, but heals others.

Scientists have looked at 40 people who were in remission and those who still had 18 cases.

Even when these patients lose weight, some have even gone to remission, but some have had diabetes.


Patients admitted to remission have shown early and improved the function of beta-cell pancreatic cells in insulin.

After loss of weight, the beta-remission kit started to work correctly, but did not have a Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Here the time of treatment is very important. On the average, those who were in the remission were living in a shorter period than the ones they had before.

"According to our research, their Beta cell activity will improve as compared to a type 2 type of diabetes mellitus," says Professor Roy Taylor.

"The clinical picture is clear: a new effective method of weight loss should be given to all people with type 2 diabetes, especially in the diagnosis."

Dr Elizabeth Robertson of the United States Research Center for Diabetes says some people now know that they can turn diabetes mellitus into remission, but others can not.

This is a great news story for up to 15 people in the UK.

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