Monday , January 30 2023

Taoiseach: Cork Ireland must succeed to succeed


Taoiseach said Leo Varadkar, Cork and other provincial cities "doubled twice as Dublin", the government's priority.

He told the 600-year-old Dublin Cuban dining room that they should "get to Cork" for Ireland to succeed.

"We want to double the potential of Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford and other regional plant centers, and for the first time in Dublin we want to fall into the descendants.

Cork will be able to reach its destination by investing in a transport infrastructure, by opening its groundbreaking places and expanding universities and health care facilities.

We plan to increase the population of Cork City and its suburbs to 125,000 in the next twenty years. According to our compact intelligent growth, half of the new urban dwellings will be located in the old town of Cork City and surrounding areas.

This will require good healthcare facilities, so that an outpatient hospital will be built in Cork. At the Korkyt University Hospital, as well as CYH pediatric Phase 2, additional radiation oncology facilities are provided.

We also invest in a wide range of rehabilitation projects to provide new employment, housing and Cork Docklands – City Docks and Tivoli Infrastructure.

Taoisees demanded that the government be "other ambitious plans for the city," including a long-standing event center; Crawford turned the art gallery into a state of the art museum for the city of Cork City and the County; new flood protection; The main drainage of the lower harbor of Cork; The port of Korkyt is 90 mln. and Cork Airport.

Connection is very important and the Government wants to link all parts of Ireland with one another, Mr. Varagkar said.

"Our goal is to build the Atlantic corridor with high quality road connecting to Cork, Limerick, Galway and Slipper, so that all roads will not reach Dublin, which will allow our western coast to compete on the East coast. field.

"This is the M02 Cork-Limerick Road, N8 / M25 Dunkettle Crossroad, N22 Corps, N28 Cork for Ringaskiddy, North Relief Road Mallow, N25 Carraittwohill Middleton and Cork-Dublin Railway Line".

According to him, the investment program BusConnects radically changes the Cork network bus system, so passengers travel by bus will be fast, reliable, neat, convenient and affordable.

Similarly, the Government strives to promote sustainable economic growth in the region's economic policy.

"Many of the projects in Korky are already aimed at expanding the National Nutrition Innovation Hub and the Tindall National Institute at Morning Health Center in Morepark, and building a successful model of its industrialization.

"These investments will ensure the growth of the Korkyt Research and Development Center. The new $ 1 billion project, launched within the framework of the program Ireland 2040. A square meter of rural and 2 bln. The Euro City Rebuilding and Renewal Fund will be a game-changer for communities and groups throughout the country. Korkyt district, "Varagkar said.

Starting this Friday, the government will announce the first successful projects of the Ireland's 2040 Competitiveness Fund.

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