Tuesday , June 6 2023

The jury suggests opening the suitcase trial for murder


The jury, accompanied by a 50-year-old man who shot his friend, and in January 2016, deployed a smuggled body of a canal, is expected to address a later sentence today.

Paul Wells Snr from Barnamore Park, Finglas admitted that Kenneth O & Brien was shooting and breaking his body.

At the same time he refuses responsibility for the murder and claims to have Mr. O Brien rolled while fighting in a row.

O & # 39; Brien's body was recovered from a small suitcase floating above the canal near Celbridge, Co Kildare.

The accused claimed that the line was because O & Brien asked him to kill his partner, Eimear Dunne and Mr. Wells refusing to do so.

After Mr. Orien Brien was shot, Mr. Wells parted his body in the backyard of Finglas with a chain saw and threw the remains into the Great Canal.

He claims to have panic when he threw the body and cut it off with a chain saw that he lent from the deceased.

He was arrested for his son, Paul Wells Jnr, "self reported" to the Guardian and said his father asked him to land a chainsaw.

The prosecution told the jury that the murder was not just a murder, it was a projected execution.

Senior Advisor Sean Gillane said Wells Snr's story during the shooting did not match because the post-mortem investigation showed O & Brien was shot by a single shot of a weapon that had been pressed on the head of the head.

He showed that Mr Wells Snr knew that his wife and son were staying away that night and told another son that shooting would not go home at night.

Mr Gillane said that the report by Mr O Brien is about the desire to kill his partner "dressed in self-pity contradictions".

Defense attorney Michael O 'Higgins, however, told the jury that the evidence supports Mr. Wells Snr's allegations of the murder of Dunne.

He said it was obvious that Mr O & Brien lied to where he was on the day of shooting, his passport and suitcase disappeared from his house and canceled his employer's phone number from his partner's phone number.

At the hearing, they also heard that she was in contact with a woman in Australia and told her employer she would return after Christmas.

Mr & Mrs Higgins told the jury to consider other facts discovered by Mr Wells Snr, which seemed unlikely for the first time, but they proved true.

He said that while the prosecution tried to dispel Dunne's allegations of the earthly act, he did not show any other reason for the murder, just the uncertain money-remembrance.

At the hearing, they heard that O & Brien transferred € 50,000 to Paul Wells' bank accounts while living in Australia.

O & # 39; Higgins lawfully said that the line is too much money or the application for killing her partner is largely irrelevant because "the same point will come when a gun is shot and fired."

If the jury thought that Mr. Wells Snr genuinely believed that the gun could be used for that night and made the law self-defense, provided they became eligible for the fight against fire, they would have to get rid of it. .

He also said that if the jury believes that Wells Snr honestly believes his life is in danger, but he has shot the pistol in an overreacting reaction, he may find the manslaughter guilty.

The jury is expected to start judging the court judgment after Judge Judge Paul McDermott.

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