Monday , January 30 2023

The plane is carrying rocket into Virgin Orbit


"Virgin" satellite launcher Orbit has confirmed its LauncherOne flight on Boeing 747-400, which is due on Sunday, as the company approached its first flight.

The Virgin Atlantic aircraft, previously used by passengers, has captured 25.8kg of missiles from the sky in southern California under the wings of the spaceflight acting as a flying launch pad.

The launch of the leak test is the latest step in the launch of the Virgin Orbit launch of the first LauncherOne missiles in the beginning of 2019, which advertises satellites as bread, small biscuits, or home as a home refrigerator, which can be used to provide Internet access. in remote areas or on the roads.

"I just have to spend a lot of time with the team and see the progress," said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group.

"There are many challenges ahead, but this is a great source of excellence and effect in all aspects of the final test flight."

Cosmic Girl LauncherOne serves as a launching pad, raising a rocket at a height of 30,000 feet and lifting it at 17,500 miles to 20 times the speed of the sound.

LauncherOne 70 feet long, about two London bus lengths (Virgin / PA)

"Vehicles are flying like today's dream," said Kelly Latimer, chief pilot of Virgin Orbit.

"The flight crew and all of our colleagues were delighted with the information on board the aircraft, the pylons and the rocket.

"In my view of cockpit, cars have worked perfectly and have perfectly adapted what we learned for simulators."

– Association Press

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