Tuesday , January 31 2023

There are a few friends on Facebook, which are FAANGs


Is there anyone like Facebook right now? The social media giant has been in the Silicon Valley since the beginning of 2018, with most of its members involved in civil rights groups, advertising clients, politicians, journalists, transparency holders, privacy activists, users, investors, their employees and their opponents. And this is only November.

FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and the elite group of technology-generated alphabetical alphabets) are now ready to attack each other and are now on Facebook.

Last week, Wall Street was the usual victim of a company that hit the company down to its lowest level of 19 months. New York Times Facebook, Facebook can "postpone," ignore, and use "tactical" tactical methods to respond to several conflicts.

In the article, he strongly condemned the executive director, Mark Zuckerberg, and the chief operating officer, Cheryl Sandberg.

It is unsatisfactory to use the Company's various disputes – such as the use of the Russian hacker platform, which is of great interest in the US presidential election and the use of Trump-Linked Cambridge Analytica's profile data.

Facebook could not be trusted, and promised good things. But because the company wanted to create its own "false stories", it was just angered by its choreographed public "excuse for excursion".

Part of it New York Times Facebook has been trying to discriminate against a group of critics that the anti-Semitic theories spread through Facebook itself is a constant issue for billionaire investor George Soros.

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