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There is no human skis outside the sky – infinity and VR


The Man Has No Sky (PS4) – a constantly expanding space adventure

No Man's Sky 2.0 version offers new multiplayer and VR versions, but how much will the game change?

It's hard to feel indifferent to the Hello Games developer. No Man's Sky has become one of the most regrettable in the history of video games, and they deserve a lot of criticism (with Sony) for pushing people to think the game is something else. But at the same time they have a great deal of view on this issue, endless free updates and no attempt to hide the guilt.

Despite all the additions and improvements, the gameplay is already popular with something that is not running, so it seems unlikely that it will change. However, this is because people talk about how exciting their multiplier and VR function is – as this is the main appendix for updating the end stage.

Beyond update is promoted as version 2.0 of the game, but thanks to fixing errors after launch (there were many mistakes in the first few days) up to 2.06. Just like last year's upgrade, no matter how many new features and improvements you have in the upgrade layers – and there's more – there is no change in the game cycle, and that's still a problem for new players. and old.

No Man is one of the biggest mistakes in the first marketing of Sky, one that can not be determined before the launch. There was no preliminary preview, and everything went wrong with what you did in your game. The real answer to this question is that traditional gaming games "No Longer" and "No Man & # 39; s Sky" are often slipping and duplicating. Practice can still be very careful despite many shortcomings.

The simplest description of Sky Man's Sky is a unique Elite-based space adventure that features live gaming elements like Rust or Hunger. You start with your ship crash, you do not know who you are and how you are going to it. Various updates have added a structured plot, including subtasks and conversations with many other foreigners, but they still feel like animated applications in the universe that are far from conscious.

Depending on your view of people, it has already changed, thanks to the stronger version of the multiplier. In order to be fair to them, Hello Games has never promised a very multiplier experience, but now there is a new area called Nexus, which works as a social space in Destiny, which allows you to meet other players and organize multiplier missions or just open. go to your friend's home.

The Nexus 16 can receive a player, but only eight can play in the same universe, though it's up to 32 computers. The opportunity to meet any person is still far away, but it can be improved and it is good for friends who want to play together.

No person does not have more than heaven (PS4) – this is a very destructive Nexus

No Man In order to reach anywhere in Sky, you need the resources to: travel amongst stars and build fuel for your ship's other systems as well as spaces and multi-game (mixed guns, stock collectors and scanners) . You can sell collected resources for cash in commercial outlets and space stations to get benefits. Unlike many survival games, your hunger is not important, but if the suitability of your suit or toxic atmosphere is not met, the effect will be the same.

If you are not motivating it purposely, the war is rarely found and around mysterious cynical robots that guard the planet, and if you do too much damage by mining or other general destruction, you will be disappointed. The pistol is not very smooth and fun, but the cosmic battle is fun. Your weapons are always shameless, but the management is good, and the shooting is very attractive and enjoyable.

In addition to the multiplicator and VR, there are many other additives, including new cultivated creatures that can be used as cattle or milk (meat or meat). There are also options for creating your database, and now you have the ability to program automated factory and game features, and have been able to run the Rocket League version of Hello Games.

No human sky (PS4) made for VR

We are confident that programming will bring even hard work in the next few months, even if only small players can use it. VR mode has limited audience, even for other reasons. The fans dreamed of this option for a number of years now, and here you will never change. Walking farther away from plants or hiking around the spaceship is one of the few important issues of science fiction, wet dreams.

The first is to look at the game at VR, at least on the PlayStation 4 graphically unobtrusive, which seems to be a target for increasing the frame rate, but it's important for everything in the middle and far. There are similar problems with the PlayStation VR limits and the use of the aging engine controller. Besides the adventurous menu system, they should be on the side of the planet, but they will be useless when you fly over your ship.

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For comparison, DualShock is not an affordable thing, but it's an enhanced option and we've found that the usual teleportation system works very well. At the hardware level, it's easy to get rid of the VR options, but the game's VR is a good solution for us at least. We have never been to Adam in heaven, and even when we are sitting there, he wanted to do something different.

The question of the heavenly No Man is that there is still no real answer to the main questions: what do you do? At the game level, here is very little, but if you upload your goals to it, it can be fun and impressive. Of course, this is not what we expected, and it never happens, but it has become something we can guess.

There is no person who can survive from heaven

Briefly: As No Man's Sky, VR and multiplicative applications are a challenge, but this is a real step towards a constantly evolving scientific epic.

Libra: Greater gaming world is even more fun for VR or friends. Competitive Space Battle. Great art design, exciting new releases and a great environment.

Cons: There is no change in the main gameplay, for example, intellectual and, conversely, foreigners only slightly above the background data. VR settings are limited to current equipment.

Goal: 7/10

Formats: PlayStation 4 (provided), Xbox One and your computer
Price: £ 34.99 (currently £ 15.99 at PlayStation Store)
Publisher: Hello games
Developer: Hello games
Release date: August 14, 2019
Age level: 7

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