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Vault 94 is Fallout 76's first instanced dungeon •


Fallout 76's upcoming vault raid is the game's first instanced dungeon, Bethesda has revealed.

This means the raid will prevent other players from interrupting and affecting your mission.

In a post on, the developers discussed Vault 94, which goes live alongside patch 12 on 20th August on PC. Bethesda said it will open the vault on console.

Vault 94 offers some of the most challenging experiences in the game, Bethesda warned, and while you can try it alone, the developers recommend you to assemble a full team of level 50+ characters.

The instancing also means Bethesda "to ensure every experience is just as fresh as the first time you stepped into Vault 94".

"To sum it up: The raid is just for your team, and that's just for your team."

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<figcaption>The Vault 94 atrium.</figcaption></figure>
<p>So, what's Vault 94 all about? It's situated on the border between The Mire and The Savage Divide. It was once home to a utopian community. The veult's doors were opened one year after the bombs fell. Now, the dwellers are long gone and the vault has been overrun by nature. But there's something nasty inside.</p>
<p>"Daring Appalachian explorers will need to be brave many perils, if they want to save Vault 94, and read the official blurb."</p>
<figure class=2 "data-uri =" 2019 / articles / 2019-08-17-09-59 / 76_Vault94_Reactor_1920x1080.jpg "/>
<figcaption>A Vault 94 reactor.</figcaption></figure>
<p>To try the dungeon, set up your Vault 94 emergency Broadcast radio station. Inside are three separate missions. One mission is available at any given time and lasts for one week. Each mission returns every three weeks. The first mission is called Dead in the Water and as soon as the vault opens. Meltdown and Washout go live on all platforms on 27th August and 3rd September respectively. Expect the vault and seal shut for three hours every week.</p>
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The Strangler Heart Power Armor set.

Missions come in three difficulty modes: novice, standard or expert. Novice is not timed out, while standard and expert have limited time and more challenging encounters. If you run out of time or your squad wipes, you need to start over. As you would expect, the more difficult the mode, the better the loot. If you're completing the mission, you'll get plans that will give you a new andult armour set, such as the Strangler Heart set, pictured above. Complete missions in Vault 94 steel, which is a new resource. (Vault mission rewards can be earned once per difficulty mode, per mission, per day.)

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